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Medieval European Strategy, “Luminous Arc”

Peace in the world was being maintained by the Luminous Church of Light and propagation. At the center of this world was the sacred city of Centralize. Guarding the eastern region were the Eastern Sages Guild and the Uras Knights while in the western region, were the Western Sages Guild and the Sephiroth Knights. In the southern region, the sea and many islands spread out and in the north was the forbidden grounds where the Forest of Oblivion spreads.

The Pope has suddenly passed away and in a world of the new young pope, a cloud of unrest begins to shroud the world. Monsters attack and many strange phenomas take place. Rumours had it that a witch was behind it all, harming the people and trying to take revenge on their God.

A Sacred Knight, Heath who was known as the “Arc Knight” was the star hope of the sacred city. He ran the Church Boarding School known as the Garden of God, “Ever Garden”. Both the main character Alf and his younger brother Teo also grew up there too. Their mission now was to battle with the witch and monsters. However, possessing the powers they had in such peaceful times meant that many people feared them…

Given the orders to pass on judgement to the “Crimson Witch”, they’re off on their adventure.

Scan 1
Full size scan 1209 x 1536, 764KB

Source: Famitsu Scans by “Johnnyram” at NeoGAF.
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The SRPG will feature character designs by Shibano Kaito, music composed by Yasunori Mitsuda (Xenosaga, Chrono Cross) and full voice acting during dialogues. Players will be able to travel around a world map, speaking with various characters to obtain information, weapons and items etc.

The game can be played with or without the stylus and, if you do choose to play using the stylus, you can select it to be in left-handed mode or right-handed mode. During battles, a Drive Gauge will allow characters to execute combos and specials.

Scan 2
Full size scan 1209 x 1536, 793KB

The Marvelous Interactive title is set for release in winter and is 70% complete.


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