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10 Years of Harvest Moon, “The Island You Grew Up With”

??????????? (Bokujou Monogatari: Kimi to Sodatsu Shima) will allow the player to choose to play as Mark or Chelsea and it will be up to you to make the island they live in prosper.

Harvest Moon Scan 1
Full size scan 1209 x 1536, 687KB

One day, a migration boat left the city, in hope of finding new land. However, the boat is caught in a storm and only a handful of people manage to escape on a lifeboat. On it was old man Tarou, a family of 3 Fealena, Eric, Natalie and the main character. Together, they drifted to a deserted island and while living together, the old man decided that they should work to make the island their new land.

Ah, a classic Harvest Moon title and it looks good too. I didn’t like the last DS title because it had a strange storyline and some fairly bland graphics.

Source: Famitsu Scans by “Johnnyram” at NeoGAF.
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A lot of the classic Harvest Moon gameplay is here such as looking after farm animals, growing crops, exporting goods while watching the deserted island develop. You can also explore outside of the farm and date characters, eventually marrying them if you wish.

The title is scheduled for a release in December from Marvelous Interactive.

Harvest Moon Scan 2
Full size scan 1209 x 1536, 739KB


5 Responses

  1. Do you mean Rune Factory or Sprite Station?

  2. Huh? This is the new Harvest Moon title for the DS…

  3. But you said you didn’t like the last one.

  4. Ah right… I was talking about Bokujou Monogatari Korobokkuru Station for the DS.

  5. I can’t wait for it to come out!

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