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Fresh Air in a Can

Well, I actually saw this a while back on a TV show about Japan before I even started this blog so, I didn’t have anywhere to post this at the time…

If you don’t think the air is fresh enough, you can now buy canned O2 Supli oxygen at the local 7 Eleven stores in Japan starting May this year for 600 Yen (US$5/3) each. You can choose between grapefruit or mint flavour and using the mask provided, you can inhale the oxygen approximately 35 times.
Canned Air

The cans contain 95% of concentrated oxygen and is aimed at relieving stress, hangovers, lethargy and lack of concentration etc.

According to the programme I watched, the product is selling well with customers and they do find themselves refreshed after taking a dose of the can.

Seems you can just about make any idea work in Japan, doesn’t it? I wouldn’t mind trying one of these just like those Final Fantasy Potion drinks :lol:

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  1. What did not Japan invented ? Hot water maybe …

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